Liverpool Fixtures for 2011 – 12 Season | Premier League


Complete list of fixtures for Liverpool Football club in the season 2011 – 12. The list obviously is for the Barclays English Premier League matches.


Date Fixtures
20-Nov-11 Chelsea vs Liverpool
27-Nov-11 Liverpool vs Manchester City
03-Dec-11 Fulham vs Liverpool
10-Dec-11 Liverpool vs QPR
17-Dec-11 Aston Villa vs Liverpool
20-Dec-11 Wigan Athletic vs Liverpool
31-Dec-11 Liverpool vs Newcastle United
02-Jan-12 Manchester City vs Liverpool
14-Jan-12 Stoke City vs Liverpool
21-Jan-12 Bolton Wanderers vs Liverpool
31-Jan-12 Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Liverpool
04-Feb-12 Liverpool vs Tottenham Hotspurs
11-Feb-12 Manchester United vs Liverpool
25-Feb-12 Liverpool vs Everton
03-Mar-12 Liverpool vs Arsenal
10-Mar-12 Sunderland vs Liverpool
17-Mar-12 QPR vs Liverpool
24-Mar-12 Liverpool vs Wigan Athletic
31-Mar-12 Newcastle United vs Liverpool
07-Apr-12 Liverpool vs Aston Villa
09-Apr-12 Blackburn Rovers vs Liverpool
14-Apr-12 Liverpool vs Fulham
21-Apr-12 Liverpool vs West Bromwich Albion
28-Apr-12 Norwich City vs Liverpool
05-May-12 Liverpool vs Chelsea
13-May-12 Swansea City vs Liverpool

Kindly note that the first club in the a particular fixture will be the home side and the other one will be playing away.


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