Blog: Can Steven Gerrard Put Andy Carroll Out of His Misery?

Can the heroics of captain fantastic Steven Gerrard provide the much needed impetus for strapping forward Andy Carroll.

Steven Gerrard
Steven Gerrard


Everyone saw ‘Captain fantastic’ coming back to life in the fixture against Newcastle United which Liverpool won 3-1 at home. Steven Gerrard is back throwing crosses at oppositions box from crazy angles. The captain was in full control of things for the last 30 minutes after Charlie Adam made way for the captain in the 60th minute.

But this blog post focuses on a particular aspect of that cameo, the crosses which Steven Gerrard provided to Andy Carroll. About 5 or 6 long range crosses with pinpoint accuracy and at a nasty angle made cuckoo out of the likes Coloccini and Ryan Taylor. Andy Carroll was at the end of most of them and also spilled a chance of Gerrard’s cross. A bit more control and the tall striker could have had a goal against his name, which is something he badly requires.

The 30 minute cameo by Steven Gerrard has certainly done a load of goods for the out of flavor striker at Anfield. Luis Suarez in all likelihood will be suspended for a long time and within all the racism mess, their lies a chance for Andy Carroll to shine. Fortunate or unfortunate, the Luis Suarez saga may give birth to a disturbingly great partnership between Gerrard and Carroll.


Andy Carroll
Andy Carroll


Liverpool do have a number of players who can provide very good long range crosses to Andy Carroll with Jose Enrique, Bellamy from the left and Downing and Johnson from the right flanks. Of course the most lethal of them all would be swinging ball from Gerrard at an atrocious pace.

Andy Carroll has a heavy price tag on his back, something which probably is being reminded to him every day. And perhaps the time has come for Andy Carroll to shut everyone one of those (basically, everyone on tuh internetz) people up.


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