Is Frank Lampard Going to be LA Galaxy’s New ‘Designated Player’?

Frank Lampard of Chelsea is on the radar of LA Galaxy Chief Tim Leiweke to be the club’s new DP (Designated Player).

Tim Leiweke said, “I am a fan of Frank’s, I think he is a great player. When I think of Chelsea, I think of Frank Lampard. You should ask him about a deal, it took us two years to get David here the first time, we are working on the next DP. We are going to continue to work on the next DP and there are about half a dozen guys we have a good relationship with but first we have to have a slot and we don’t have a slot at present. But I am a big fan of his.”

Apparently in Major League Soccer (MLS) all the clubs are assigned 3 Designated Players. The wages of these Designated Players can amount to anything and does not come under the cap.

Frank Lampard
Frank Lampard to LA Galaxy?

LA Galaxy’s current three Designated Players are Robbie Keane, Landon Donovan and David Beckham.

Frank Lampard has gone down from the pecking order at Chelsea and is not one of the favorites at the moment. The English midfielder would definitely like to play regularly as the Euros close. So a transfer could be on the move.


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