Spain vs Honduras 0-1 Highlights & Goals (Video) | 2012 Olympics

Spain vs Honduras 0-1 Highlights & Goals (Video) | 2012 Olympics, London | 29 July 2012

Venue:┬áSt. James’ Park, Newcastle

J Bengston scored the 3rd goal of the tournament in the 7th minute as Minnows Honduras have sent Spain packing home. It will be a shock news for a lot of fans but yes, Spain are out. All Spain manged to do was hit the woodwork, about 3 times.

BTW Hondura’s coach’s name is Luis Suarez, Yeah, we know.


Honduras – J Bengston (7th minute)


Watch all the highlights and goals video from Spain vs Honduras below. Honduras ousted Spain from the Olympics with 0-1 win.


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