Looking for the Best Hotels?

We don’t need to guess that our readers too travel out of their cities and towns, some of you more frequently than others. It is then that you would look for a perfect hotel or resort as per your requirements, and it is quite a pain to find the ideal one for you. In fact it is not the lack of information about hotels, but the overflow of it on the internet that will confuse you.

Therefore we thought of coming up with a section on our website to deal with just that. Best Hotels – will list out the best hotels in different cities across the world. Whether you are looking for a hotel in Toronto or Paris or Mumbai or Shanghai or Sydney, we will have a list of hotels for each one of these cities. The task has just started so it will take some time before we have a comprehensive guide for the whole world. Your support and suggestions in this regard are most welcome.

To start with we have come up with the list of best hotels in two Indian cities. Delhi and Mumbai. You can hop over here to check the list of best hotels in Mumbai.

Next up, we will be taking up the beautiful state of Kerala located near the Arabian Sea in India. The place has some of the most amazingly beautiful resorts in the world, especially the ones near the backwaters.

So now you know where to look for when you are searching for the Best Hotels!!!

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