Welcome to the Punch Trailer, Release Date | Mark Strong vs James McAvoy

Eran Creevy, previously known for his 2008 flick ‘Shifty; has perhaps made the most coolest movie coming next year. Its called as ‘Welcome to the Punch’ and a trailer has been bestowed upon us.

Mark Strong plays Jacob Sternwood, a ciminal who returns to London from hiding in Iceland after his son gets tangled up in some bad shizzle and this gives a last chance to James McAvoy, who plays the role of Max Lewinsky, to catch his most wanted man. But soon both of them find out that their is big propaganda to this. We don’t know of it yet.

This movie looks badass in so many levels it’s not even funny.

Welcome to the Punch release date – 13 March 2013

Watch the trailer below.


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