Ronaldo vs Zidane Friends 3-2 Highlights & Goals (Video)

Everything was legendary about this game, from the teams to the the referee. As Ronaldo & Zidane took their teams to Brazil in this UEFA & UN sponsored charity match.

Venue: Arena do Gremio, Porto Alegre
Refree – Pierluigi Collina


Ronaldo & friends – Bebeto (37;), Caca Ferrari (79′), Leandro Damiao (87′)
Zidane & friends – Falcao (51′), Zinedine Zidane (65′)

Ronaldo’ team Starting Lineup – Dida, Cafu, Jr.Baiano, Roque Jr, Roberto Carlos, Paulinho, Emerson, Bebeto, Zico, Neymar, Ronaldo

Zidane’s team Starting Lineup – Vitor Baia, Michel Salgado, Hierro, Montero, Sorin, Karembeu, Nakata, Deco, Zidane, Solari, Pauleta

Watch the highlights below.

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