Ajax Youth Academy: Breeding Ground of Success

[ad#m1] De Toekomst, the stadium where Ajax’s reserve side play and train for matches, the place where young and aspiring children are converted into some of the best footballers of their time, through a masterful plan and sheer tenacity. This is the story of Jong Ajax, the reserve side of Ajax Amsterdam. Providing superstars for many clubs since a very long time.

This is the story of the Ajax Youth Academy.

The present world is filled with competitions at almost every level in all fields. One of them is football. It does take immense and focused hard work and supreme talent to reach to a position which is now probably enjoyed by players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar. All these players have surely turned into role models for aspiring amateur sportsmen.

But even more important than all the above criteria is the vision to recognize a player during his youth and Ajax, now, have become a master of that trade.

Ajax, the present leader in the Dutch League has an exemplary youth club programme which is sure to turn beginners in to world class football players.

Not even funny how early they start!
Not even funny how early they start!

We are familiar with players like Patrick Kluivert, Dennis Bergkamp, Edwin van der Saar, Rafael van der Vaart, Clarence Seedorf and Wesley Sneijder. These are a few of many who have completed full training at the Ajax Youth Club.

Seeing these players perform at their best which is indeed amazing, one cannot fathom the degree of the training they have undergone.

This youth academy is called the “Breeding Ground” of Dutch Football as Ajax’s youth academy which continuously proves to be one of the most successful ones in the world.

The aim of the club has always been to recognize talented football players at a very early age and transform them into professionals. The advantage is that the youth teams are trained in exactly the same way as the first team hence they already know how to play when they are drafted into the senior side.

Eyeing a creative approach to find new talents, Ajax has started the TIPS programme which stands for Technique, Insight, Personality and Speed. Even more interestingly, all the youth players have a passport in which they keep record of each objective.

The philosophy of Ajax has always been to keep the game fair, offensive minded, creative and attractive. And pretty much everyone would agree that they have achieved and keep on achieving the ideas set forth. Check out the video below which sums up success the Dutch club has achieved through its homegrown players.


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