Italian tv show comedian makes Zlatan, Ancelotti & Beckham sign naughty photos

[ad#m1] A weird Italian comedian successfully messed around with Paris Saint-Germain players and manager and came out unscathed.

Which is surprising after the retarded act he pulled on the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, David Beckham, Carlo Ancelotti and more.

The comedian was sent from the Italian comedy tv show called as “Le lene”. And the guy met all the players and asked them to autograph the picture he was holding in his hand.

Nothing unusual there, the only difference was that the photoshopped photographs were of the players themselves, doing some very naughty, nsfwish, homosexual things.

Ibra refused first but then signed, Carlo gave it a serious stare, don’t think Becks noticed it though. Marco Verratti looked confused and Javier Pastore had a nice laugh about it.

Watch it happening in the video below, the spoken language is Italian obviously but we know and you know that what everybody wants to see is the reaction of the PSG bigwigs when confronted which such monstrosities.


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