Jurgen Klopp speaks on Mario Gotze transfer, funny digs on Pep and Tiki Taka


[youtube id=”PPjjxwk43JU” mode=”normal” maxw=”480″ align=”right”]

Here is the video you all have been waiting for.

Borussia Dortmund manager Jurgen Klopp talks about the Mario Gotze transfer in the pre Champions League semi final press conference ahead of the clash against Real Madrid.

When asked about Mario Gotze’s transfer to Bayern Munich, Klopp replied by saying that Goetze is Pep Guardiola’s favorite player. I can’t shorten myself 15 cm and learn spanish to keep Mario here. And neither can I suddenly teach the world famous tiki-taka.

Don’t worry if you fall in love with Klopp.

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