Fans lets off flares in Rangers 3-2 win over Celtic U17 in the Glasgow Cup final

[ad#ad-1] The Glasgow Cup final between Rangers and Celtic’s U17 side had all the makings of an Old Firm classic. Fans from both the sides made sure of the animosity felt between the two sides was clearly seen.

The rivalry, which was forced to get subdued because of Ranger’s demotion to third division, made it s presence felt once again.

More than 10,000 supporters made their way to the Firhill Stadium, Rangers won the final 3-2 with Junior Ogen scoring twice as they came from behind to beat Celtic.

But the U17 match saw some classic Old Firm fanfare with flares being let off from Rangers fans and one of the flares made its way to the pitch also. Not very clever that along with ripping the seats.

Catch the atmosphere from the match below.

[youtube id=”Lg3bD19SzkE” mode=”normal” maxw=”540″ align=”center”]

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