Benfica fans with a brilliant tifo display against Fenerbahce on 2 May 13


Benfica tifo display vs Fenerbahce

Benfica fans made sure they weren’t to be left behind when it comes to showing support to their sides through tifo displays.

They unfurled a huge banner which read ‘Road to Amsterdam 2 May 2013’. It also shows a Benfica supporter sleeping in his bedroom and dreaming with two bubble boxes, one of them is about the epic 1962 European Cup final between Benfica and Real Madrid, which took place in Amsterdam on 2nd May. Benfica won the match 5-3. And the other cartoon bubble box showing the Europa League final in Amsterdam.

Probably inspired by the FC Porto banner against Lazio in 2002/03.

Fenerbahce fans, in the first leg, also displayed a mighty tifo.

Watch Benfica’s tifo images below.


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