Jamie Carragher 30 yard shot on goal hits the post vs QPR (Video)

[ad#ad-1] Liverpool legend, Jamie Carragher played his last game in a Liverpool jersey. Kept another clean sheet, his 200th. Thus making him the only player who has kept more clean sheets as a starter than any goalkeeper or defender in the history of the Premier League.

But the most brilliant part of Carragher’s last game was the epic hit from the Scouser, from about 30 yards away.

It would have been a brilliant goal had it got in but it was denied by the post. Had everything to be a classic long range goal. And the timing would have made it more momentous.

Carra said, “It’s an emotional day. I’m just getting the hang of shooting in my final game, it’s come a bit late.”.

Watch the shot and the miss below.

[iframe id=”http://www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/x1012bi?autoplay=0&logo=1&hideInfos=0&start=0&syndication=115873&foreground=&highlight=&background=” mode=”normal” maxw=”540″ align=”center”]


Liverpool v QPR (19-05-13)

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