The Tweets: Edin Dzeko denies being part of a dressing room revolt against Mancini

Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko took to Twitter on Monday to rebuff any allegation relating him to Mancini’s exit. The Bosnian was quite angry at the fact the Sunday Mirror had published an article which said that Dzeko admitted of being part of a dressing room revolt which eventually led to the sacking of Italian Roberto Mancini.

It took 3 tweets (see below) to sum up his entire feeling towards the situation. The tweets read, ‘I am very angry about yesterday’s headline and article in the Sunday Mirror. It says I confess to being part of a dressing room revolt and…..that I turned on Mancini. I did not say these things when I spoke to Bosnian TV – the context is changed in the article. Also……some of the my real words have been interpreted badly…’




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