Samsung’s new Galaxy11 advert sees Lionel Messi become a footballing Jason Bourne!

Samsung have revealed a slick brand new commercial, as it goes deep into its alien inspired viral marketing campaign for the upcoming World Cup.

The ad stars Lionel Messi as the savior of humanity, where at first he tries to escape the black cars which were following him, but as it turns it was non other than Franz  Beckenbauer who was after him. And then the Kaiser hands the captain’s armband to him.

This is Samsung, basically telling us that Lionel Messi will skipper a 11 which will save humanity through their brilliant footballing skills.

The chase sequence seems to have been masterfully done, reminds a little of those wonderful chase sequence in Bourne movies.

Bit cringeworthy, when at the end Messi looks up at the sky and sees a massive alien ship. Crazy CGI though!

Watch the ad, which is filled parkour-ish, street football skills and such.

[youtube id=”-8lRgdODMC4″ mode=”normal” align=”center” maxwidth=”540″]

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