Referee gets injured, replacement suspected of being drunk! Colwyn Bay v Altrincham abandoned with 7 minutes to go

An FA Trophy fixture between Altrincham and Colwyn Bay has thrown one of the most bizarre instances recorded in a football match.

The match had to be ended at the 83rd minute of the game because the referee got injured and the replacement, a fan from the crowd was rejected from Colwyn Bay on accounts of being drunk. Altrincham were comfortably winning the match 2-0 at that point.

Colwyn Bay manager Frank Sinclair gave the following quotes after the incident. He said, “You can’t just have any Tom, Dick or Harry come in and finish the last 10 minutes of the game.”

“There was no-one on our side that had any officials’ badges. One of their staff said he would see the rest of the game out with no qualifications. It’s human nature that if there was a big decision to make, we wouldn’t have got it.

“I’ve been within my rights to not agree to carry on.”

It remains to be seen how sense will prevail  in this matter.

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