What Does a Cow Drink? Muller and Schweinsteiger

Thomas Muller and Bastian Schweinsteiger being cute and stupid in a new Germany Adidas video

Translation of the video

Thomas: Basti, come over here i have a riddle for you! Come, sit down!
Thomas: What colour is this couch?
Bastian: White!
Thomas: What colour is snow?
Bastian: White
Thomas: Im running out of questions.. What colour is the penalty points from recent games?
Bastian: White white white. Where you totally missed!
Thomas: And the home kit, what nice colour is that?
Bastian: White
Thomas: And what does a cow drink?
Bastian: Milk! [he laughs] You almost-
Thomas: Not milk, water! [laughs] I got you!
Bastian: That’s the first time i’ve heard that!
Thomas: Yeah? Now this is going on youtube, you ass!
[youtube id=”7lHA4FcTdH0″ mode=”normal” align=”center” maxwidth=”540″]

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