Milan ultras Curva Sud blocked San Siro exits and demanded meeting with players after the 1-1 draw against Genoa

Vulgar scenes were seen as AC Milan drew 1-1 against 10 men Genoa with Mario Balotelli missing another penalty. AC Milan long time faithful Curva Sud got fed up of their side’s performance and the fact that they are ¬†in the 11th position in the league table and blocked the exits of San Siro so the players and management could not leave before having a face to face meeting with them.

Kaka and Abbiati spoke with the Ultras, and they admitted that some players on the team were simply not cut out to be there, and that the team has no game plan. Balotelli also wanted to speak to the people at first. Very wise for management to not let that happen.

The tension between the fans and the players and management has been brewing for some time now. During the match a banner from Curva Sud read, ‘”Let’s meet by the exit you unworthy lot”.

Below you can see the pictures of Curva Sud blocking the exits and Kaka and Abbiati speaking with the members.

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