Scandalous! Julio Baptista (Cruzeiro) was caught on camera telling his opponent Cris ‘to score another’

Bizarre and a bit scandalous news is emerging from Brazil. Cruzeiro’s midfielder Júlio Baptista was caught on tape telling Cris (Vasco) ‘faz outro logo’ which when translated into English means to ‘score another goal soon’.

Vasco won the match 2-1.

Couple of scenarios are emerging which could be career threatening for Julio Baptista.

1)Saying things like these implies betting scandals

2) Cruzeiro (already the Brazilian champion) wants to hire Marlone, a player from Vasco, a team that is on the verge of getting relegated. So the accusations are that Cruzeiro eased the game for Vasco to ease a deal.

Julio Baptista, spoke about the incident after the game where he accepted that Cris (Vasco) wanted Cruzeiro to ‘make it easy’ for Vasco and then he replied ‘then score another goal soon’

Watch the controversial moment below.

[youtube id=”-znRv-9aJIA” mode=”normal” align=”center” maxwidth=”540″]

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