Cool story from Belgium feat. the national team, news site Sporza and their Facebook page cover

A very cute and cool story has emerged from Belgium!

Sports news site, Sporza which is affiliated to the national tv in Belgium, decided to change the cover of their official Facebook page, the reason being the qualification of the Belgium national team for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

So, they decided to make it a contest where fans could send them their designs  and they would chose the best and put it on their Facebook page. The cover would be the result of a poll, where the fans will decide which design goes in the cover.

By now, you should probably be able to guess which design won (see above). You will surprised even more when you see the rest of the chosen contenders (seen below).

Thee design was done by a Mitch Mentens, who also won a signed sweater and an autographed from the Red Devils (Belgian National team).

The image live on their official Facebook page can be seen by clicking here.

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