Top 5 highly skilled football players who could not make it big

Each of these players were supposed to be the next stars of the football world but instead they just faded away.  Here is our list of 5 footballers who never reached their potential.

1) Joe Cole

Almost Messiesque things were expected from a young Joe Cole with all of the England hoping that the young boy will mature into a creative force which will lead England to glory. It didn’t quite turn out well for Joe although it must mentioned that he has won lots of trophies during his carrier but the potential he had was not fully utilised leaving a bad taste in the mouth of all England fans.

He showed his potential with his bag of tricks at West Ham and did get his big money transfer to Chelsea were he might have won various trophies and the title but was never able to show his impact on a consistent basis. Whether it was down to the managerial merry go round at Chelsea or bad luck is another question. But all England fans will agree there was a time when Joe left them drooling and made them believe he could lead England’s golden generation to World Cup and Euro success only to disappoint in the end.

Watch an example of his great skills below.

[dailymotion id=”x1wt8l” mode=”normal” align=”center”]

2) Robinho

He was touted as the next Pele, quite a title for a player who’s not even a regular in an average AC Milan team. He was the young player of the year 2004-2005 and has won a host of titles including La Liga twice at club level and Confederations cup twice at international level.

A young Robinho’s trickery, dribbling, mazy and dazzling runs reflected a very confident teenager. But as he grew up the talented youngster seemed lost somewhere and uninterested at times which really sums up his carrier.

He has played for legendary clubs like Real Madrid and AC Milan and moneybags Manchester City but was never consistent enough to really make a difference every week and stone his name as one of the bests in the world which was expected from him.

[dailymotion id=”x16b10q” mode=”normal” align=”center”]

3) Ricardo Quaresma

Not many will recognise his name, well that is the irony. There was a time when he was touted as the next best thing from the Sporting Club’s academy and eventually to reach the level of Cristiano Ronaldo and maybe even surpass him. And where has he reached- he signed for a club in Dubai in January and now even they have released him and he is a free agent now with no club ready to pay his wages. That says it all.

[dailymotion id=”xv41rr” mode=”normal” align=”center”]

4) Adriano

He was being mooted as the apparent heir to Ronaldo and taking up the striker position mantle from him eventually in the Brazilian set up. He was a very quick and powerful forward who looked like the best in the world on his day. But his days were far and few which was a problem. His attitude was a major problem and his Alcoholism and lazy attitude has led him to being a 31 year old overweight free agent rather than being one of the best players of the world.

[youtube id=”ePZZ2j4dmSY” mode=”normal” align=”center”]

5) Michael Johnson

Once believed to be next Steven Gerrard or even better the lack of passion and several injuries led to a young Michael Johnson being a free agent at a young age of 25 with no club ready to draft him in their team. It was expected of him to solve England’s midfield problems. He still has time on his side but as evident from this picture (below) his fitness levels are nowhere near today’s ultra fit footballers and he himself has stated he has lost his love and passion for the game.

[youtube id=”TxPQ5-k67bE” mode=”normal” align=”center”]

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