Watch Piers Morgan survive a furious Brett Lee over at the MCG (Video, GIFs)

An avid Arsenal fan and CNN talk-show host Piers Morgan is known to have a little bit of a banter with Aussie cricketers. And his recent tweet against Alastair Cook’s technique to face short balls from Mitchell Johnson resulted in Brett Lee challenging him to face an over against the former Aussie pace battery.

Challenge was obviously accepted and you can see what happened (below).

Lee bowled Piers on the 5th delivery and showed his famous fist pumping celebration. Most of the deliveries were on the upwards of 140km/h and Piers took a really bad/weird tumble on one of them. Got hit in the body in the rest of the four bowls.

Watch the full Brett Lee over to Piers Morgan bbelow


[youtube id=”WaZk42Qzw4w” mode=”normal” align=”center”]

[youtube id=”AdEkcrZUmKY” mode=”normal” align=”center”]

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