PSG’s Qatari owners officially reveal their masterplan to counter the Financial Fair Play

The Qatari owners of PSG seems to have masterminded a super plan which is bound to piss off other clubs and UEFA. But they might not be able to do to anything about it.

The plan in detail:

PSG is owned by Qatar Sports Investments (QSI), a state organization.  Which means the club isn’t owned by one person like Chelsea or Manchester City, but is backed up by a whole country.

Qatar has another governmental organization called Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) which is basically a tourist office. The country will use QTA to officially promote its tourism by taking advantage of a football club’s fame and international prestige.

“PSG is part of our global strategy to attract tourists and reach the objectives we set ourselves for 2030”, said QTA’s director of marketing. This means Qatar is here to stay at PSG and will not leave, for decades.

This partnership between club and country will allow PSG to receive between 150 and 200 million of Euros per season in revenue, which in turn would allow them to bypass FFP, since FFP dictates that you ‘can  only spend what you earn’. Plus PSG is also re-valuating all its sponsorship contracts, with Fly Emirates, Nike, etc. Multiplying the sponsorship money 4 or 5 fold.

This kind of partnership is at the moment unique and will be hard to replicate elsewhere.

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