Liverpool to win the title says Zimbabwean prophet Uebert Angel, who predicted Nelson Mandela’s death

Zimbabwean prophet Uebert Angel, who is apparently a Manchester United fan, has come forth with an announcement in the New Year which will please all the Liverpool fans and would probably disgust all the United fans.

Prophet Angel has predicted that Liverpool will go on and win the title this season. Actual words, “Liverpool, I am with you this year and God has shown me he is returning you to your glory days” .

Research shows that he has already predicted a few football related things which have come true like Chelsea winning the FA  Cup against Liverpool in 2012 and Manchester United winning the league last season. Research has not yet shown how many of Prophet Angel’s prophecies have been false.

One has to admit though, predicting those results were much easier than this whopper.

Though,  in non football related things, Angel Prophet predicted the death of Nelson Mandela extremely accurately.

Source: nehandaradio

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