Top 3 reasons Liverpool find themselves at the top of PL table

Liverpool fans against Norwich

What has worked for Liverpool this season? 

Liverpool find themselves in the driving seat to win the Barclays Premier league title with 4 games to go. With scintillating performances by Luis Suarez and not to forget the likes of Steven Gerrard, Daniel Sturridge, Skrtel and Coutinho Liverpool find themselves 5 points clear at the top. Let us look at some key factors which helped Liverpool’s form this season

1. Brendan Rodgers and his brave tactics

Brendan Rodgers took his fellow managers by surprise with his tactics. If you look at Liverpool’s game against Manchester City at Anfield, the amount of pressing Liverpool did in the opposition’s half was outstanding. In that particular match City were playing one of the most successful formations in the history of football “the Diamond” with the players City has, it should have been a cake walk but it wasn’t to be.

Rodgers the tactician
Rodgers the tactician

Brendan Rodgers effectively nullified City’s tactics with his brave pressing, which could have been disastrous given City’s attacking prowess. In the whole match, Liverpool were pressing City to the touchline and not letting them move the ball through the center. You could say that the Diamond shouldn’t depend on play through the center as it is more of an aggressive attacking tactic but if you observe, Liverpool didn’t give City the chance of switching the ball to the other flank. Hence, completely walking all over them, at least in the first half.

2. Supreme form displayed by Suarez, Sturridge & Sterling

Sturridge who was deemed surplus at Chelsea found amazing form post his move to Liverpool. One of the main reasons for his enthralling form is Luis Suarez. Suarez is kind a striker who not only scores a bunch but also creates loads of goalscoring opportunities. If he is not scoring goals he goes by his instinct and creates a chance. And Often it was Sturridge who was at the end of them and used those opportunities to the maximum.

Sturridge, Suarez & Sterling
Sturridge, Suarez & Sterling

Brendan Rodgers has devised a tactic which employs Suarez as the “False Nine” meaning he drops into pockets in the opposition half and tries creating a chance. A recent stat suggests that in over 38 games Suarez and Sturridge has played together, they have netted 63 goals in!! That is a very good figure and a scary one too for opposing teams.

3. Preparation time before games.

Liverpool have now secured their spot in the Champions League next season.
Liverpool have now secured their spot in the Champions League next season.

Liverpool all through the season have had at least 3 solid days gap between games. To put things in perspective the likes of Chelsea, City, United and Arsenal sometimes had to play games without a gap of 48 hours. You might call us biased and say that we are being unfair but in all fairness this is one of the main reasons why Liverpool are in the driving seat for the league title. It will be interesting to see how the Reds will cope with European Football next season.

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