Police in Spain capture Barcelona’s crest shaped narcotics laced candies

Barcelona pot candies

Despite being knocked out of this year’s Champions league and trailing Atletico Madrid in their pursuit of the “La Liga” title , F.C. Barcelona fans seem to be on a high. But it’s a different high that they crave it seems.

Spanish police confiscated a batch of marijuana chocolates and candy laced with hallucinogens which were moulded into shaped of Barcelona’s crest at the port city of Alicante last Wednesday.

According to Policia Nacional’s (National Police Corps of Spain) official twitter page, large amounts of cocaine and cash along with approximately 300 grams of Barca confectionery was seized, with one person being arrested named master “Turrónero” who had been misusing his skills to make these chocolates laced with marijuana and magic mushrooms. According to other Spanish reports, this was a part of larger raids to crack down the drug ring in Valencia.

With lack of clarity about the suspended transfer ban on Barcelona by FIFA and likeliness of a trophy less season, one can only hope that Barcelona fans remember to enjoy responsibly and uphold the integrity of the “Beautiful Game”.

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