First world racism problems highlighted by Dani Alves’ banana eating campaign


The most disturbing event of the week gone by was the banana-throwing incident involving DaniAlves, wherein during their La Liga outing, a banana was thrown at Alves with a racist undertone. As befits a player of Alves’ sensibility, he didn’t provide the agitation the action might have provoked in other players.

To everybody’s surprise, Alves took up and ate the banana! This act was followed by a show of solidarity by several other major Brazilian stars. First was David Luiz, accompanied by Oscar and Willian, recording a video with a banana and passing on a message in inimitable Luiz fashion. Later Hulk followed suit with a banana photo. The message of the day was that “We are all monkeys”, which fittingly, is true.

Neymar too entered the scene with his son, posing while eating a banana. It was soon followed by €25 shirts carrying the “We Are All Monkeys” message and other like messages going up on sale. While most of the world was eating racism out of football, some people in Villarreal had other ideas.

Hundreds of Villarreal fans along with several others staged a rally against the arrest and subsequent prosecution of the Villarreal fan and ex-youth coach who was the culprit of the racist act. They stuck to their firm belief that the act didn’t possess an intention that was explicitly racist.

[youtube id=”_YaluSOlgAk” align=”center” mode=”normal”]

The fact that football fans do not staunchly oppose such acts in unison is appalling. The Spanish FA needs to take stringent action against such acts and rallies. While voicing your opinion is fine, backing up malevolence isn’t and the culprit of this act should be made an example of.

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