Barca had intentions to sell Lionel Messi for his buyout clause of 250M Euros (AS)


Madrid based tabloid Diario AS has come up with this chilling piece of information about the Barcelona board and that it seriously considered selling Lionel Messi  at one point, few weeks ago, when the negotiations were at a stand still.

Lionel Messi’s buyout clause is at a staggering 250 million Euros and according to AS, an email was sent to Messi’s father which mentioned that the player would receive 10% of the transfer fee, if the transfer took place.

Allegations such as these, if true, could make the Barcelona board very unpopular with the fans, if it weren’t already.

Though, with the new FFP sanctions, wonder who could make such a transfer. PSG and City have been recently hit with fines for improper spending, so it seems unlikely for them. Maybe Chelsea or Manchester United?

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