Ronaldinho lookalike gatecrashes Argentina training, amuses Messi [Video]

Going to Brazil and meeting Ronaldinho wouldn’t be a shock but Lionel Messi looked quite surprised as he encountered Ronaldinho’s lookalike at the Argentina training camp in Belo Horizonte. As the Argentina squad was training, more than a dozen fans invaded the pitch to meet their favorite stars. Fans enjoyed their moment, as security guards failed to control the chaos in time.

[youtube id=”ptSU0vFrPHc” align=”center” mode=”normal”]

What caught the attention of everyone was a fan that looked like Ronaldinho. Argentina squad, including Messi, looked bewildered as the Barcelona star shook hands with the lookalike. The lookalike had the same built as Ronaldinho and sported a similar hairstyle.

Messi was probably wondering if the lookalike had the same panache as Ronaldinho himself. That would be a nightmare for him. It would make it difficult for him to fight for the Ballon d’or in the subsequent seasons. He would have been rather relieved to see the fans being dragged out of the pitch.

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