Dejan Lovren: “My head is already in Liverpool, Southampton isn’t being fair ” [Jutarnji list]


Southampton defender Dejan Lovren already feels like a Liverpool player, according to Croatian daily Jutarnji list. The following points were made by him, which if true, would be devastating for Southampton fans.

  • “When I decided to go to Southampton, many were surprised. But I went because people from the club had great ambition. They assured me of their project, the former chairman Nicola Cortese and former coach Mauricio Pochettino enchanted me with their approach. They filled me with incredible confidence. When I started to train, I realized that Southampton has a very good team. They promised to buy two more players, they bought Osvaldo and Wanyamu, they are great players. The goal was to attack European competition, at least in the Europa League.”

The collapse of the system

Southampton left behind a very good season, the club has never had better results in the Premiership. However, this winter begun a variety of speculation, the departure of President Cortesea was announced.

  • “Even then I saw something off in the club, no one knew who would take over the club. Then to me the whole story became suspicious. I asked coach Mauricio what it was, he could not say whether or not he would remain on the bench on the project that was promised it would last five to six years: investment in the club, attacking the Champions League, bringing new players and keeping those major. Because of this, after all, I agreed to sign for Southampton. And then went the president, coach Pochettino practically already left in April, and I realized that it was the breakdown of the system.”

In particular, he was hit by another situation.

  • “Liverpool made an offer, and the club didn’t report it to me. Even after that, about the new Liverpool deals. It was not fair. I learned about the offer from other people, it really hit me and I realized that I no longer have anything to do with Southampton. Liverpool has sent an offer of 20 million pounds, and they paid me 9 million pounds, they would have made more than twice. Oh look, I’d love to stay in Southampton if the club had some ambition, if they have preserved the main players. I would not be shaken by an offer from Liverpool.”

What is the situation now?

  • “At this point I do not know what I will do and I do not like that. And indeed it was unbelievable that a few days ago they agreed to an offer of 20 million pounds. It was in the morning and in the afternoon they said that I’m not on sale? Frankly, my head is in Liverpool. Anyway, I sent a letter to the club where I said all this I told you.”

What did they respond?

  • “Nothing to me, just thanked me for the letter. It seems to me they want to keep me on ice, which again is wrong. And honestly I do not know who’s the main man at the club right now. They’re now looking for 25 million pounds for me, but I don’t think they will get it. Liverpool is one of the biggest clubs in the world. Only Real Madrid has so many fans around the globe. The last time I played at Anfield, I got the chills when I heard, “You’ll never walk alone”. I would like to listen to it all the time.”

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