Millwall manager Ian Holloway’s epic analogy to Van Gogh after Leeds win [Audio]


Millwall boss Ian Holloway starts the new season with a brilliant new rant,  speaking to BBC Radio 5 live after his side beat Leeds 2-0: “We had double their shots on target and we have done that to Leeds United and I am really pleased for my team.

“People win 6-0 and 8-0 on the opening day and go on to have bad seasons so I just want to be consistent for my lads, if I was allowed a bet I would, because our odds to get relegated are a disgrace.

“I just want people to show me and my team some respect. Van Gogh is a decent painter now isn’t he but when he was alive he was just a bloke with half an ear.”

Absolute ‘Quote of the Day’ material this, listen to it below.

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