Well said Rio! Ex Man Utd team-mate congratulates Wayne Rooney on his new England record.

Former England and Manchester United team-mate, Rio Ferdinand penned an awesome tribute to the Wayne Rooney after the striker became England’s top goalscorer last night with his goal against Switzerland! Check out Ferdinand’s Facebook post below!

Rooney –

Forget how many were penalties..
Forget who the opposition were..
Forget is he the right man..
Forget all the ney sayers..

A record that stood for 45yrs.. Respect the ratio of a goal in every 2ish games at international level.

Now, compare that last stat with the 2 greatest players of our generation:

Messi – 104 games 49 goals
Ronaldo -122 games 55 goals
Rooney – 107 games 50 goals

Credit where credit is due please!

The fella has 300 career goals..

This hasn’t come about by luck or because he was in a completely successful team and chances were there in large amounts. This has come about through sheer determination.

Rooney has turned himself around from the street football player we all saw in his early years to someone who is seeking out record breaking milestones.

He wasn’t a natural goalscroer/finisher in the RVN/Fowler/Shearer mould where their games were based around scoring goals & everything else in their games fed off of that. Wayne wanted to be involved in everything from playing 30 yard diagonal passes to the rough & tumble chasing a player 40yards to win the ball back, scoring was an after thought.

After years of playing like this I think he saw that these records were achievable if he focused on getting goals more than he had been on scoring goals…. You would notice the difference in his finishing, taking bits from other strikers – like an ole gunner solskjaer favourite of striking the ball back through the defenders legs which made it difficult for the keeper to see & react to.

Shooting practice became more & more a part of his daily routine – not just shooting and playing at it…It was all done at match tempo & was where he tried new things and repeated time & time again. He preferred techniques of finishing, so when it was matchday & a chance would come it was ingrained in hid system of how to finish & became more natural to him.

He would talk about goalscoring more and more & who was at the top of the charts, how they were scoring & where he saw his goals coming in the coming games.. He would have been looking at the England fixtures over the last couple of years calculating where & when he will break this record, playing it through his mind…to say he became obsessed would be far fetched but his mindset had changed…..to that of a goalscorer.

Goalscorers are selfish….Wayne was known as an unselfish team player for many years….goalscorers have to be selfish to be successful & Wayne became more like that…
That is why he has broken such a long standing record & is on the cusp of breaking another one at Manchester United that Sir Bobby Charlton holds.
Will Sir Bobby be happy for Wayne?
Yes he will but I’m almost certain somewhere inside he will be hugely dissappointed because that selfishness of great goalscorers never dies!



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