Liverpool loanee Mario Balotelli likes a post taking the p*ss at Brendan Rodgers’ achievements on Instagram

After an abysmal start to the new campaign, Brendan Rodgers’ popularity with the Liverpool fans is already at an all-time low and it appears that Mario Balotelli has joined the bandwagon.

The forward who is on loan at AC Milan and enjoying a good run of form with the Italian club currently, took to social media to show his dislike for the Northern Irishman.

In an attempt to perhaps show his frustration at the Liverpool boss, the Italian liked a picture on Instagram which made fun of the managerial honors of Brendan Rodgers. Check out the Instagram post and proof of Balotelli’s activity below!

Hilariously though, besides mocking Rodgers, the picture below is also taking the piss at Balotelli’s defensive abilities as a player.


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