Rubin Kazan’s Maksim Kanunnikov: “Liverpool showed us how to play”

Even the opposition were impressed by Liverpool yesterday, as the Reds dished out their best display under Jurgen Klopp during the 1-0 win against Rubin Kazan.

Kazan forward Maksim Kanunnikov was all praises for the Liverpool side and admired the energy & the pressing from Klopp’s boys. Check out the quotes (Russian text roughly translated in English) from the official website below!

“We are waiting for this game for a long time, ready to seriously, but Liverpool today showed how to play. Regardless of what a home it is a game or exit. The game, of course, today, we did not succeed, because the Liverpool from the first minute took the ball under control, and we are very much physical energy spent on defensive football. And when receiving the ball, they quickly went to the pressure, without giving us time to think and just look around. Though we tried to play in the pressure, but they seemed permanently anywhere on the field on one player had more. I can only congratulate the Liverpool with a good game.”

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