‘F**ked’ – Ex Arsenal Cesc Fabregas goes explicit while describing Chelsea’s current season.

Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas is very disappointed with the recent performances of his club and reportedly said that this season of Premier League is “being fucked”, in an interview with Spanish daily Marca.

The 28 year old also added that the season has not done justice to them in accordance with their performance on the pitch. Fabregas thinks his team is going through a phase of bad luck and all of their efforts are going fruitless.

“We have to start winning” he added.

Bit crude, but Fabregas’ outburst is not surprising. The Blues currently stand at the 16th position in the league table and are going through their worst ever start this season.

The Spaniard also voiced support for manager Jose Mourinho during the interview and blamed Chelsea’s poor form on the strikers of the team. “The striker is the most important player on the pitch. You can play well, defend well, but it is about scoring goals, about scoring one more goal,” said Fabregas.

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