LA Galaxy fan puts Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard up for sale on Craigslist

In the antiques section, with the condition being listed as “salvage” while also mocking the “slip” against Chelsea!

Steven Gerrard didn’t exactly hit the ground running in his first season with MLS outfit LA Galaxy. And his poor performance has not gone unnoticed with the fans of the American club, as one of them put up an advert on the popular classified advertisements website Craigslist to sell the former Liverpool man.

The ad reads, “Get the deal of a lifetime and come pick up Steven Gerrard at no cost. Gerrard is great at meandering through grassy fields, appearing listless on the sidelines, and shows a specific knack for tearing teams apart on a regular basis.

Don’t slip, and get this museum-quality piece before we ship him back overseas!

Check it out the screengrab of the ad below!


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