POLL: Which Premier League Star Would You Have Missed The Most Had Brexit Come Into Effect Last Season!

As everybody and their mother knows by now, the English have voted in favor of leaving the European Union (Brexit), a vote that could have major consequences on the Premier League. Till now, players from EU countries were able to work freely, without prior work permit on English soil, but it will not be the case from now on because of UK’s vote to leave EU.

According to the current laws, even the European players will have to obtain a work permit to play for English clubs. And the conditions for obtaining the permit are quite drastic to say the least.

Maybe the laws get reformed in the future, but there’s no doubt that Premier League would have lacked some serious quality had Brexit come to effect last season.

The signings of players such as Kante, Martial, Virgil van Dijk, Gianelli Imbula, Kevin Wimmer etc would never have seen the light of the day.

Which takes us to our poll below! Choose the player you think whose quality would have been missed the most had he not been able to sign due to Brexit.

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