Pathetic Galatasaray Slap Wesley Sneijder A €2.2M Fine For Accmulating Yellow Cards

It seems the management at Galatasaray just cannot help itself when it comes to finance related issues. The controversial Turkish club has been on the limelight for a plethora of wrongdoings, but the following takes the cake.

For reasons ridiculous, the Turkish giants have imposed a hefty fine on their star player Wesley Sneijder. The pretext being accumulation of yellow cards and a recent interview against the board.

According to the reports in Turkish media, Galatasaray have fined Wesley Sneijder a whopping €2.2 million when FIFA only allows a fine of maximum 10% of a player’s annual wage, which in Sneijder’s case is €4.5M.

It is also reported that the club has fined 14 of it’s own players for cards received during this season. Each card is supposedly worth a day’s salary.

Speaking against the imposition of the fine, Sneijder’s agent Guido Albers made the following statment: “We do not accept the punishment. If the board wants to do away with Sneijder, then they should say it openly and honestly. One just cannot understand this board.”

Despite his huge salary, Sneijder is a cult figure with the Galatasaray fans. The Dutchman single-handedly won them the 2014/15 Super Lig title, but it seems his days in Turkey are numbered after this fiasco.

The rumors linking the former Inter man to Everton and AC Milan have already arrived on the internet in the past 24 hours.

Source: Hurriyet, HaberturkNTVSpor


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