Spanish outfit C D Pinzon Reveal Strawberries & Blueberries Inspired Home/Away Kits

If you thought Norwich City’s latest kit was ugly, think again!

Spanish club located in Huelva, Club Deportivo Pinzon have put forth their contenders for the worst kit of the season as they revealed rather ‘fruity’ looking home and away kits for new season.

Plastered with strawberries & blueberries respectively, the home & away kit launch took place in a five-star hotel which was attended by club officials, local dignitaries and fans.

The club released the following statement explaining the design of the kits.

The clothes presented by the D.C. Pinzon has been very well received as they are innovative and different from what the club has been wearing in recent years . The moment of greatest excitement was when two players D.C. Pinzon came out dressed in the uniforms , because nobody expected this design and has attracted much attention. The first kit is composed of a shirt with the bottom of strawberries, which is the flagship product in the fields of Palos de la Frontera , and the second kit it is with the bottom of blueberries, which is another fruit that is booming in the fields palermos .

Check out more pictures of the kits below!


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