Fire In His Belly: It Seems Theo Walcott Has Finally Started Playing For His Arsenal Career

4 points from 3 games may not be the most ideal start for a club with title aspirations, yet given the opponents they have faced in Liverpool and Leicester City, it seems a reasonable return for the Gunners.

There have been a few positives to have come out of the first few games as well, especially the performances of new signing Rob Holding along with that of a certain Theo Walcott.

The latter seems like a player transformed with renewed drive and energy. Playing on the wing, he has added another dimension to his game with his willingness to track back and help defensively. In the 270 minutes he has played this season, he has won 8 tackles compared to the 11 tackles he won in all of last season. He has also scored 1 and aided another.

In games against Liverpool and Leicester, there were instances when Walcott dropped deep into his own half and constantly harried opponents to win the ball back. Check out the evidence below!

Tracking back & executing a tackle against Leicester


Tackle against Liverpool

While it is early to make assumptions, his early performances certainly mark him as a different player from the one we saw last season. His grit and determination is there for all to see and in Wenger, he has a manager who trusts him to become an integral part of the team this season.

It is now solely up to the player himself to finally realise all the potential he showed years back.

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