Arsenal Legend Lee Dixon Just Couldn’t Help Himself During The Anti-Spurs Chant At The Legends Game

While it is true that it is the fans that are most vocal about their allegiance for their clubs and disdain for rival clubs, there are some players who simply cannot separate their personal affiliations from their performances on and off the pitch.

North London plays host to the Arsenal-Tottenham Hotspur derby every year and over the years there have been players on both sides who have come to personify the rivalries between the two clubs.

Legends such as Ian Wright and Lee Dixon for Arsenal and Teddy Sheringham for Tottenham are just a few among the many to have hatred for their opposing rival.

Lee Dixon in particular showed that he still hasn’t lost his hatred for Tottenham as Arsenal took on AC Milan in a legends match on Saturday. While he was sidelined to the bench for the match, he promptly stood up after hearing the famous ‘Stand up if you hate Tottenham’ chant from the Arsenal fans. Watch the clip below!

Safe to say the defender who turned 52 this year, still has the enthusiastic contempt for Spurs even after so many years out of the game.

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