Legendary Status Unlocked: Hector Bellerin Reveals Dislike For Van Persie During An Arsenal Facebook Q&A

Hector Bellerin is swiftly becoming one of the Arsenal fan favorites. His insane speed, combined with the knack of threading great balls from the by-line and strong defensive showings, has ensured that he has always been one of the first names on the team sheet.

And now, his stock among the Gooners is sure to go up after trolling former Arsenal captain and striker Robin van Persie in an epic manner.

The Spaniard was answering questions from various Gooners in a Facebook Live session, when he observed the name of a particular user, linked to the now-unpopular Dutch striker and quickly slammed down on it.

His disdain for the striker, who left the Emirates for title-rivals Manchester United in a much publicized move, was evident from his quip. Check out the bit below!

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