Spine Chilling: Zlatan Reveals Badass Looking Back Tattoo During Man Utd’s Europa League Debacle

Subtlety is not exactly one of the things one would associate with Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Be it his flashy playing style, his hotheadedness or even his arrogance and narcissism off the pitch, one thing’s for sure- the man has always been full of surprises.

The latest in a long line of Just-Zlatan-Things was revealed in United’s Europa League defeat against Feyenoord yesterday – his freakishly scary back tattoo. The tattoo looks to be a sketch of a roaring lion, trailing off into other dark sketches. His affection of lions was evident in preseason, when he described himself as a “lion” on the pitch.

The Malmo man has always attributed his rage and angry style to his tough upbringing and catastrophic, hunger-stricken childhood, saying that it was his desire to escape that made him work hard as a child. The striker has already taken the Premier League by storm and scored three goals, brushing away questions about his age with his performances. He looks right on track for another great season.

Check out the picture of the tattoo below, very serial-killer like!

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