Blasphemy As Fan Reveals Support For Both West Ham & Tottenham On Instagram

Fans form an indispensable part of any professional sports team. It is this part of the club that generate revenue from tickets, TV deals, merchandise etc while also serving as an important factor in driving performances on the pitch.

With increasing worldwide marketing of sport teams, fan bases are now comprised of people from diverse backgrounds and countries. As such bandwagon fans have become fairly common; fans who support a team solely during the time of the team’s success.

The game of football is no different with many teams having a fan base comprised of loyal and bandwagon fans. Often times the bandwagon fans are looked at with contempt from fans loyal to a particular club, with such fans branded as traitors and a ‘shame’. So much more the hatred if a person jumps allegiance between rival clubs. For an illustration, look no further than below,

The person (in the tweet above) reportedly seems to be a fan of both West Ham and Tottenham, two clubs whose fans share a fierce rivalry. The rivalry between these set of fans peaked when the Irons fans celebrated as Tottenham lost out on the final Champions League spot on the last day of the 2005-06 season.

While we can’t blame the guy for switching allegiances so easily; that too between rivals clubs, loyal fans expect the same sort of loyalty characteristic of them. The result? Well, just have a peek at the hate comments that followed.

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  1. The Spammers also put a huge dent into our title hopes last year. It was the only chance that we had to go above leicester and reverse the pressure as we were only a point behind them. Yet again the Spammers raised their game and beat us. It was only 1-0 but they we well up for it and completely bossed the game. I think we only had two shots during the game. How anyone could support both teams is beyond me

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