This Mirror Piece Bashing Crystal Palace Pre Stoke City Looks Utterly Silly Now

Ahead of the run up to the league fixtures each weekend, news outlets, websites and tabloids alike are flooded with a flurry of pre-match reports and analyses. From team selection to injury news, pre-match pressers to player interviews, form guides to predictions, these reports cover every aspect of football in the build up to the fixtures ahead.

These reports are meant to present insights into the matches that to be played. But then again there is an exception to everything.

Just look at the bizarre pre-match report (if at all you could call it a report) that appeared on the Daily Mirror. The news piece made up a construct of inane syntaxes coupled with dismal play of words made a bold prediction arguing the reasons as to why Stoke City would triumph against Crystal Palace. The result we all know, Stoke City received a thrashing at the hands of Crystal Palace conceding yet another four goals.

While a prediction can always go wrong, it’s not so much the wrong prediction that makes the article ludicrous, rather the manner in which the article was written. One look at the article and its clear to see that in all seriousness, it is nothing more than just a messy muddle of words.

Check out the ridiculous Mirror article below!


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