(Tweets) Man Utd Fans Want A Midfield Of Pogba, Herrera & Carrick If Mourinho Goes 4-3-3 Against Leicester

On Saturday, Manchester United face perhaps their most testing match of the season yet, against the champions Leicester City. United broke their horrible three match losing streak against minnows Northampton in the EFL Cup, although not entirely convincingly. For a side whose title hopes look to have derailed so early in to the season, a win against Leicester would definitely restore the fans confidence on the side.

After strong performances in the Cup tie, it comes as no surprise that the supporters have been clamoring for Mou to start a three-man midfield of Carrick-Herrera-Pogba.

The veteran midfielder was given his first start of the season in the League Cup and has immediately looked miles above anybody else in the deep-lying position. With great passing range on show, Michael Carrick labored to create space for his teammates and was effective from the get-go. To top off a classy return to the line-up, he even scored a rare goal from an extremely tidy finish.

Michael Carrick’s performances were given the adequate foil by another player who also impressed in his rare start. Ander Herrera was brilliant on the night- the nifty Spaniard was abuzz on the Sixfields pitch, his tireless energy ever apparent.

Record signing Pogba has struggled to justify his exorbitant price tag after his move to the club. This has been in part because of the weak performances from his fellow midfielders in Fellaini and Rooney.

But if United are to perform against Leicester this weekend and get their season back on track, the fans believe a midfield of Pogba, Herrera and Carrick need to start. Check out the tweets below!


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