(Infograph) It’s Almost Sensational How Arsenal’s League Ranks During Wenger Era Look When Compared To Previous Seasons

Thursday marked the 20th anniversary of Arsene Wenger’s appointment as Arsenal manager. The Frenchman, who was virtually unknown when taking charge at Highbury on September 22, 1996, has since gone about to firmly cement Arsenal’s position as one of the top clubs in England and Europe.

Source: https://twitter.com/behnisch/status/776693681126596609/photo/1
Source; https://twitter.com/behnisch/status/776693681126596609/photo/1

The infographic above depicts Arsenal’s final league position in the 20 years Wenger has been in charge. In the two decades he has managed, Arsenal have never finished lower than 4th in the league.

In recent years, Wenger has often been ridiculed for his insistence on playing beautiful football at the expense of results and his reluctance to delve big in the transfer market. Such stubbornness on part of the Frenchman may have contributed to Arsenal’s decade long wait for a Premier League title.

But while questions have been raised of him, his incredible 20 years of loyal service to Arsenal may never be replicated again in football (bar Sir Alex Ferguson time at Manchester United).

Also check out the top 100 goals by Arsenal under Arsene Wenger below. Video compiled by Culaan Davies!

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