(Tweets) Even The Man Utd Fans Were In Awe Of Liverpool Boss Jurgen Klopp During His MNF Appearance

Before the world knew Jurgen Klopp as a world class manager with an infinite reserve of touchline antics (some adorable, some eccentric), he was a German TV pundit, and a damn good one at that. He revolutionized the way punditry is done by being one of the first to use touchscreens during analysis.

The German took up punditry once more on Monday albeit this time as a guest on Monday Night Football alongside Jamie Carragher and David Oliver.

The master tactician commanded the stage offering such profound explanations and insights of the game that the other pundits (looking at you Carra) were simply left in awe.

In fact so much brilliant and insightful were his analyses that even fans of fierce rivals Manchester United were left to compliment the Liverpool’s manager’s display on MNF.

Check out the tweets below!



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