(Photo) Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin Spotted Hanging Out With Tottenham’s Dele Alli For A Promotional Event

The North London Derby encompasses one of the fiercest rivalries in English football between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur.

The hate between the two clubs is best exemplified by the celebration of St. Totteringham’s day (the day in the season when Tottenham cannot mathematically finish above Arsenal) by Arsenal fans and St. Hotspur day (the day Spurs defeated Arsenal in the 1991 FA cup semi-final) by Tottenham fans.

With such hate and ill feeling brewing among the two clubs, it’s not everyday you see players from both the clubs come together for any reason.

But that’s exactly what happened when both Hector Bellerin and Dele Alli were spotted shooting for a promotional event on Friday. Check out the picture below!

2 thoughts on “(Photo) Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin Spotted Hanging Out With Tottenham’s Dele Alli For A Promotional Event”

  1. Most of the hate is one way and comes from the Emirates crowd(just a glance at the media shows this). This is strange as it is AFC who have offended most by first squatting in North London, then in cheating their way into Division 1( at the expense of THFC) via admitted bribery in 1919. I guess that deep lying guilt is the source of the hatred. Most THFC supporters and players are aware of the “problem” and few like AFC but there is the minority who do return the hatred but most of us see CFC as a far better icon of dislike. TBH I don’t like AFC but mostly because the way the fans and players make such an idiotic fuss about THFC. I see both clubs as having much in common: well run financially, sensible administration, good coaching at all levels and now, decent managers. Levy is a symbol of dislike by many THFC supporters but these are the same ones who howled for GG’s blood and then brown nosed ENIC for sacking him. I have never trusted nor liked ENIC but have to admit that when they make their fortune by selling THFC they will have made it perhaps the best club in London and who knows about elsewhere?

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  2. I’d say the majority of supporters today (like myself until just now) are unaware of the history of how Arsenal came to be in the top division at the expense of Tottenham, so it’s impossible to feel guilty about something you no nothing about. I feel the hatred today comes from the fact the two teams call North London their homes, and thus fight for domination. Tottenham have struggled to finish above Arsenal, making them more bitter toward their more successful and more dominant London Rival.

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