“ArsenalFanTV Has More Views Than Your Show” – YouTuber Shuts Down Piers Morgan Post Burnley Win (Video)

"ArsenalFanTV Has More Views Than Your Show" - YouTuber Shuts Down Piers Morgan Post Burnley Win

British journalist Piers Morgan has always been known to be a die-hard Gooner, something quite evident from his tweets. The other thing he is known for is his outspoken demeanour and his tendency to go into insulting rants at the slightest provocation.

His displeasure for Arsene Wenger, the club’s longest serving manager, is no secret as he has repeatedly tweeted “Arsene Out” in recent times.

However, the man has been forced to shut down his agenda and is on the back foot currently as Arsenal have pulled together a strong suit of results, winning at Chelsea and then at Burnley more recently with a goal in extra time.

In the wake of Wenger recently completing twenty years at the helm of Arsenal, the chance to rub it in his face has not been passed by many.

ArsenalFanTV celebrity Kelechi went on a brilliant rant post Burnley match as the Nigerian fan trolled the famous journo.

Kelechi spoke about Arsene Wenger not getting the respect he is due from Piers and even poked fun at the viewership numbers of his shows saying ArsenalFanTV has more viewers.

Check out the video below!

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